BTM 6th Stage,
Bangalore - 560068.
+91 70223 30485

Required DevOps Expert

Role: DevOps Expert

Major skills

Experience in DevOps implementation; at least one E2E customer DevOps Project experience. Evangelist for DevOps and aims to work cross functional between Agile team as well as End to End testing.


  • Good understanding of concepts DevOps, Agile
  • Extensive hands on experience with TDD, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment
  • Hands on leading experience in QA framework design and implementation
  • Extensive hands on Test Automation Coding experience for Unit, API or Functional Tests
  • Hands on experience in building applications with either Maven, Grunt, Gulp, MSBuild, ANT
  • Hands on experience in agile teams in the roles developer or QA
  • Extensive hands on experience in operation and maintenance of environments
  • Hands on user and integration experience of automation tools (Infrastructure, Test, Build)



  • Sound Understanding of concepts like: Quality Gates, Continuous Deployment, Release Pipelines
  • Hands on experience in agile teams in the roles development lead or QA lead
  • Hands on experience in the roles software / system architect
  • Hands on experience of Behavior Driven Development, Pair Programming/Testing
  • Being an open source contributor/committer or equally extensive development credentials
  • Lateral understanding of SDLC, Quality, DevOps and how this ties into technical solutions to enable them

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