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Contract Staffing

SBCS is an IT Staffing Company providing Manpower Solutions on an ‘as-needed’ basis since 2015

We aim at understanding your targets and recruitment needs help in mitigating staffing issues with rightfully skilled and talented people for your organization.

We assist clients in their staffing requirements by providing

  • Contract staffing.
  • Contact to Hire manpower – The issues of competitive landscape, sacrosanct deadlines and volatile market demand has led to ‘Contract to Hire’ taking a high swing.

We, at SBCS, have a professional recruitment team of experts who understand the intricacies of IT business and thus put all their efforts in easing the burden of hiring by arranging a flexible workforce that fits best for your business goals.

SBCS promises to be a true partner when it comes to picking up the best from the talent-pool. It is the experience we withhold that will surpass your expectations by scouting the most competitive and flexible workforce for your temporary or contractual needs.

We recruit and hire employees and assign them to businesses either to support or supplement their regular workforce. Along with this, we provide assistance in special work situations such as:

  • Employee absences
  • Skill shortages
  • Seasonal workloads
  • To perform special assignments or projects.
  • Up skilling / Cross skilling the existing staff
  • Trained Fresh graduates
  • Graduate pool drives
  • Certifications in respective Technology / Processes

We provide Staffing solutions in a variety of forms that meets all the specific client needs, most of all from short assignments to full-time hires. Our Staffing solutions helps bridge the gap for people stuck between jobs or for businesses that need to fill out the ranks but are having difficulty finding qualified employees.

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